IX edition 26-27-28 April 2019 - Tuscany

SuperClassic Regular Event for Historic Cars

An exciting international competition in an exceptional region.

Our strength is in harmony, in genuineness, in the taste and naturalness of doing things, in the appreciation of simple and high-quality things, in the love of passions and challenges.  

We will offer you all this in a Tuscany as it is seen by the Tuscans. 

The Race was created as a sporting event, like a real, pure competition: the evocative landscapes of Tuscany, the excellent gastronomic quality offered, the fascinating related events, the extraordinary historical centres crossed… certainly serve to make the Race a unique event… but what matters is the competitive spirit, the exciting adventure which brings crews from the heart of Tuscany to Porto Ercole on the Tyrrhenian Sea, putting them to the test on a route of about 600 kilometres scattered with 108 time trials… very technical and captivating.                

Further classifications including trophies, grand prizes and cups, as well as the possibility to follow, as an alternative, beautiful stretches of route on dirt roads, will give the participants the opportunity to compete on specific competitive themes, sharing passions and challenges.

A three-week event from the Mille Miglia which can be preparation for the Great Race.

La Corsa di Alcide