Edition 2018


Edition marked by the unfortunate conjunction with a Tuscan Italian Championship race and the tremendous sequence of three races of the SuperClassiche Trophy (of which La Corsa is part) in three consecutive weekends. The consequence was a very small number of participants which brought the Organisation to its knees from an economic point of view; however, by virtue of the numerous top drivers present, the race managed to maintain a competitive character at the highest levels ever.

They missed the passage in Piazza del Campo in Siena, which was not authorised because of the day of the administrative elections for security reasons, and the Dinner In The Square, the glamorous moment of the event, due to a heavy thunderstorm which hit the area on Friday afternoon, thus depriving the race of two of its most striking moments. However, Tuscany has shown itself in its best form throughout the rest of the route, thanks to two wonderful sunny days which have allowed the crews to enjoy a beautiful weekend.

The Loperfido-Moretti crew on the Fiat Balilla Coupè (1934) of the Scuderia Classic Team (formerly the Italian Champion 2017 Classic Regular Historic Car Event) swept the board: they were, in fact, the winners of the 2018 VIII Edition Race and was awarded both the Grand Prix Del Chianti and the Macchi Trophy, taking home the 91 bottles of wine chosen from the best Italian labels.

In second place came the crew of Brescia Rampello-Migliorati on Triumph TR3 (1956) of the Scuderia Emmebi 70, a crew familiar to the Corsa, which has already won two editions.

Third place went to the Team Sisti-Gualandi on Lancia Lambda (1929) of the Scuderia Classic Team, which, for some years now, has reached the podium but never in first place.

An edition with drawbacks but these did not deprive the participants of the opportunity of being even more pampered by the Organisation, which, as every year, guaranteed a Super Race.