Heroic Route

In Honour Of “The Heroic” Alternative Traits Of The Dirt Road In Unique Landscapes.

We have identified short stretches of dirt road, which you can follow as an alternative to paved roads, to enable you to admire special corners of Tuscany: the length of each is around 2 km… easily passable, which we recommend to take because you can enjoy spectacular views and landscapes… not visible from the paved stretches.
All the sections in question are shortcuts of the corresponding paved road (which is the one reported in the complete road book), so the lower speed you will take on the dirt roads will be more or less compensated for by a shorter distance.
Where you find the striped icon on the Road Book you have to choose your route:
if you choose the paved road you have to continue to follow the official road book,
if you choose the dirt road you have to change road book and follow the one called “Heroic Route”.
Along each stretch… a Stamp Control post: among the crews who collect all the Heroic Stamps, the coveted prize of free (and above all “guaranteed”) participation in “L’Eroica” 2019 will be drawn, a truly unique experience, which takes place every year in Chianti in the first weekend of October.


“L’Eroica” was the first event, twenty years ago, to recognise the immense value that dirt roads have for the Tuscan landscape, and to take actions to preserve them.

This non-competitive event of historical bikes (www.eroicagaiole.it) owes its fame to the non-competitive spirit (“you only have to get there…”) and to its route, which is fully on dirt roads: 205 km of beautiful roads, in fantastic landscapes.

World fame has led this extraordinary event to have about seven thousand participants per edition, coming from all over the world: over 4,000 requests for registration are rejected due to lack of space and hospitality: incredible!!!

“La Corsa” joins with “L’Eroica” in the crusade to defend and maintain the dirt roads.

To award prizes, we will have the Boss of “L’Eroica”, the creator, Giancarlo Brocci, the one who raised the event to worldwide status, so much so that now “L’Eroica” is replicated with the same format in Japan, California, England, Spain and South Africa and is requested by many other countries.

Giancarlo is Gaiolese, a true “Chiantigiano”, an extraordinary person of great affability and talent who, despite his worldwide success, is always linked to the healthy and simple things about the region, so that when he returns to his native Gaiole it is easy to find him at the Gaiole Club playing bowls or riding on his bikes: he will be with us to give glory to “L’Eroica” and “La Corsa”.