How to partecipate

General Provisions

To proceed with the registration for the “Corsa di Alcide X Edition”, the following General Regulations must be accepted: acceptance of these will take place directly by signing the registration form.

  • The locations, routes, and accommodation facilities indicated in the programs are indicative, and Altitude Eventi reserves the right to change them and/or replace them, for reasons not caused by their own will, with others of equal quality.


  • The Corsa di Alcide is a classic regular race, included in the ACI-Sport national calendar as SuperClassica, and will take place on 13 – 14 – 15 May 2022


  • The reference standards are those of the ACI-Sport regulations and the specific RPG of the race


  • The timing service will be performed by FICR (Italian Chrono Federation)


  • Time trial tests with hundredth of a second detection with pressure switch and average tests with manual detection per second.


  • 90 cars are admitted to the race, all those registered before 1971, (10 cars up to 1976 of particular value): the cars must be in an excellent state of preservation and with a good appearance. The Organising Committee will decide the cars to be admitted under its own unappealable decision.


  • The cars must have their own car insurance and be equipped with at least one of the following documents.
    • ACI DOCUMENT of vintage car register;
    • HTP FIA or HTP ACI;
    • FIVA DOCUMENT – ASI Certificate of homologation or ASI identity;
    • Certificate of registration on the AAVS Historical National Register;
    • FIA pass of regular historic cars (FIA HRCP);
    • FIVA identity card.


  • Both the Pilot and Navigator must be ACI card holders and be holders of an ACI-Sport Licence for “Historic Car Register”. For foreign competitors a temporary licence may be issued with limited validity for the race (upon registration you must produce a medical certificate of good and sound constitution).


  • Registrations will open on — — 2022 and will be received no later than — — 2022: you can also register directly from the site online, or using the registration form available on the site. Payment must be made by bank transfer to: Altitude-events / reason “Iscrizione La Corsa Di Alcide 2022” / Bank details: Chianti Banca – Credito Cooperativa – via Montegrappa – 53036 Poggibonsi, IBAN: IT24B0867371940003003032462 BIC ICRAITRRIP0


  • The bank transfer date is considered as the registration date.


  • By — — 2022 the Organisation will communicate acceptance of the registration: in case of non-acceptance the amount paid will be returned.


  • In case of renunciation of the event the participant already registered will have to give written communication to Altitude-Eventi, with a 100% penalty for cancellations beyond — — 2022: before this date the penalty will be 50%. No reimbursement to those who do not show up for the race, or who do not present valid documents.


  • If the event is cancelled or postponed, the Organisation will inform the participants quickly. If the event is totally cancelled, the Organisation will fully refund the amount paid by the participant. No form of compensation for damages and/or the payment of any indemnity or penalty in favour of the participant deriving from postponement or cancellation, partial or total, of the event is provided for.


  • Any force majeure which prevents the smooth running of the event which will cause inconvenience to the participants, will not allow for any reimbursement for extra costs incurred by the participant, as they are not imputable to the Organiser.


  • Various types of information will be given to members via the Internet.


  • The number-holder stickers must be displayed throughout the event as they bear the logos of the Sponsor Companies of the event, with which precise rules for sponsorship are established, which can also be organised involving the participants.


  • Each participant authorises Altitude Eventi (or its collaborators) to take photos/videos of their vehicle, of their property, and of the participant in the contest, and in the commercial exploitation of the above-mentioned products, to use the images on sites, magazines, books, catalogues, etc…


  • At night-time the historic cars of the participants will be supervised by an Official Watch Company. However, the Participant accepts that the organiser cannot be held responsible for theft and/or fire and/or other damage which Your vehicle suffers during the race and for the whole event, and agrees to indemnity and hold harmless the Organiser, ACI and ACI-sport from any and all responsibility for fire and/or theft and/or different claims and/or any damage which Your vehicle has suffered during the entire duration of the sporting event and to renounce the right of Yourself, of Your heirs or assignees to take legal action against the Organiser, ACI and ACI-Sport.


  • By the very fact of his registration, each participant declares for himself and his drivers, passengers, or principals to know and accept the provisions of the regulation of the event and also declares to waive the right to appeal to arbitrators or Courts for any reason for facts deriving from the organisation and the carrying out of the event. Furthermore, he declares that the organising and sponsoring bodies of the event, ACI-ACI SPORT, as well as the Owners and managers of the roads travelled on, as well as ALTITUDE EVENTI and all the persons responsible for the organisation are immune from any responsibility or damage incurred during the events caused to him, his drivers, his passengers, his employees, his things, or products or caused to third parties or things belonging to third parties, their drivers, their passengers and their employees.