Bruno Macchi Trophy - Race

To the Winner 91 bottles of wine chosen from the best Italian

A Trophy exciting with a strong adrenaline rush, in which the concentration, the ability and the harmony of the crew make a real difference: in a road circuit of 1500 meters will be held 11 linked trials, with times and distances very special , timed to 1/1000 second, designed in such a way as to bring out all their capacity to competitors.

The classification will be drawn up without car coefficients and the 11 tests will not be part of the Corsa ranking.

The son of Bruno Macchi, Carlo, renowned journalist and critic of the wine world, wanted, right from the first edition, awarded to the winner of the Trophy, in memory of his father, some 91 important bottles of wine (91 years of Bruno) choices between best productions from all over Italy. A very special award for a trophy … just as special. the winners of the previous editions know what it means to be this award!!!!