Bruno Macchi Trophy - History

A Great Character For A Great Trophy

Bruno Macchi (1919-2010) is a character that is part of the history of our territory: he has combined sportiness to its knowledge, its culture, which led him to be in character all the fields in which he experimented.

To understand the eclectic personality of Bruno just remember the words with which he began his autobiography, written in old age “My parents named Bruno (Dark), without foreseeing that when I was a child I was blonde and now that I’m old, I’m nearly bald.”

The passion for cars accompanied him since childhood but it exploded when it was no longer young, to the thirtieth year of age. In 1947 he purchased a Lambretta (which he was awarded two years later, regular thing in those years after the war) with which he traveled a lot but mainly to make the first race.

In addition to the races with a Lambretta Vespa “I had the honor of running with the Vespa in Bologna, having nothing to opponents unless Masetti and Pagans” but especially with the MV Agusta 125 Grand Prix. With this in 1950 he joined the Italian Championship of Category II and in 1951 participated in the Milan-Taranto.

A serious health problem forced him to not participate in the Milan-Taranto in 1952 and put an end to virtually his racing career, but certainly not his passion for motorcycles and cars began collecting ever since the days when the collectors of vintage cars was really out of fashion.

In the last years of his life he used to drive a Jaguar MKVIII of 1957, rather than sports car, because he said “was more in line with its current role.”

At this historic figure is dedicated Bruno Macchi Trophy: nine extremely difficult time trials linked to 1000 sec.